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Dolce & Gabbana Panettone with Sicilian citrus fruits and saffron in red tin box – 500 gr

Dolce & Gabbana Panettone with Sicilian citrus fruits and saffron in red tin box – 500 gr


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Panettone with Sicilian candied fruits, without raisins.  Baked with citrus and saffron from Sicily. Inclusive beautiful designed D&G tin box and D&G bag.   Panettone met gekonfijt Siciliaans fruit zonder rozijnen.  Met citrusvruchten en saffraan uit Sicilie op smaak gebracht. De panettone is smaakvol verpakt in een prachtige ronde tinnen D&G doos en wordt geleverd met bijhorende D&G bag.     The collaboration between the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana and the confectionery artistry of Fiasconaro results in a unique recipe: the typical Milanese panettone, revisited with the flavours of Sicily. The shared ingredients of this extraordinary union between North and South are respect for tradition, the courage to experiment, the quest for perfection and the pursuit of beauty. However, it is above all a love for artisanal production, entirely ‘Made in Italy,’ that brings together the highest expressions of fashion and pastry. The impeccable craftsmanship of these desserts is preserved thanks to the beautiful tin boxes, designed expressly by the most famous Sicilian artisans: the bright colours and the subjects, inspired by the decorative motifs of the Sicilian cart and the characters of the puppet theatre, render all these different precious containers eminently collectible. Soft wheat flour, butter, Sicilian candied citrus peel (25%) (orange peel (23%), lemon peel (27%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup), sugar, fresh barn eggs, fresh egg yolk, natural yeast (contains wheat flour), Sicilian mandarin paste (2%) (mandarin (52%), sugar, glucose syrup, lemon juice), Sicilian honey, invert sugar syrup, emulsifier: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, cocoa butter, powdered skimmed milk, salt, Sicilian saffron, natural vanilla flavoring, natural saffron flavoring. May contain traces of nuts, soy and lupin

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